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Woodland accounts for a significant amount of the UK’s land space and we have managed large portions of it over the past two decades, undertaking all aspects of forest and woodland management, from coppicing to licensed tree felling.

The UK’s woodlands are rich and teaming with plant life. They are an essential part of the country’s natural heritage and local biodiversity efforts, not to mention the wellbeing of visitors who frequent them. We are here to help you get the best out of the woodland you own.

We immerse ourselves in each and every project in order to really get to know your woodland. The unique way we protect, nurture and supplement forests and woodlands helps them prosper and provide essential benefits like soil stabilisation, oxygen generation, carbon capture and protection from noise pollution.

No two woods are alike which means a bespoke woodland management plan is essential to ensure it is properly supported, developed and restored.

Whether you wish to create a beautiful place to walk, generate income by growing timber or just ensure you’re doing the right thing, our experts are well versed in woodland management practices and are fully up-to-speed with current woodland legislation to ensure you receive accurate advice and direction at every stage.

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260lbs of o2

Is produced every year by just one tree

1353 tons of log and woodchip

Was recycled by our tree team in Surrey last year

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