De-icing Roads and Paths

Commercial de-icing company with nationwide coverage

Life doesn’t stop because the winter arrives and ice appears on roads, pavements, and paths.

Here at Glendale, our commercial de-icing services will keep your business moving thanks to our winter gritting and de-icing team. We are an established specialist company providing a range of grounds maintenance, winter services, and de-icing solutions to companies across the UK.

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By proactive de-icing of your roads, paths, carparks, and communal areas, Glendale can keep ice and snow at bay this winter, making sure your premises are as safe as possible for both staff and visitors. Snow and ice pose real safety risks to personnel, whatever type of facility you maintain. Without sufficient preparation, precipitation can freeze, creating icy surfaces and rendering your site inaccessible to both vehicles and pedestrians. Glendale’s expert team provides a professional de-icing service for roads and paths, keeping surfaces free from potentially dangerous snow and ice.

Whether it’s on footpaths, access roads, or pavements, ice can pose a health and safety risk. By de-icing these surfaces, you can greatly reduce the likelihood of accidents and potential injuries. As well as safeguarding personnel, de-icing can also make incidents involving motor vehicles much less likely.

Glendale has delivered quality, professional de-icing services for many years. Our customers include multi-site operators, Fortune 500 companies, retail and business parks and the public sector. To learn more about our de-icing services for commercial and private properties including access roads, paths, and car parks, please contact our team today using the quick enquiry form.

Glendale provides commercial de-icing services for private roads, pavements, and car parks to a range of companies across the UK.

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Glendale De-icing Services

De-icing is the first line of defence against treacherous ice build-up. It is vital to have an effective plan in place to deal with de-icing roads, paths, and walkways. Used together, snow clearance, gritting, and de-icing services can help to safeguard your employees and keep your business operational through the winter months, whilst limiting accidents caused by ice and snow.

Our experienced de-icing and gritting teams use the finest equipment and salt products to achieve even, reliable, coverage across all surface types. This includes tarmac, concrete, paving slabs, brickwork, and much more. Using our unrivalled industry knowledge, we will deliver outstanding gritting results, paired with exceptional customer service, and ensure your premises are de-iced for all to use.

If you’re looking for gritting, snow clearance, or de-icing for your private roads, car parks, pavements, footpaths, entrances and more, Glendale’s team can help throughout the winter months. Simply let us know your winter maintenance requirements and we’ll do our best to meet them all.

Glendale; a nationwide de-icing company

Glendale is a reliable nationwide company with a local focus, we make sure to only hire and train the best de-icing people in the business, we truly think our team is second to none. Whether they’re an apprentice who has been trained by our experts, or they’ve already been in the business for decades, you can be sure our de-icing team will provide a reliable and professional service.

We’re serious about the people we hire, we think the people make the company and we’re proud of our team here at Glendale. Hire our de-icing team to deliver part of your winter maintenance needs and you won’t be disappointed.

Our team provides de-icing for a range of sectors including utilities, energy, distribution, retail, offices, and more.

Why partner with Glendale for your de-icing and winter maintenance needs?

  • We use the best available equipment and salt products to achieve excellent de-icing results.
  • We have delivered planned and reactive de-icing services for many different organisations over nearly 40 years
  • Our de-icing teams are fully insured and adhere to strict operational safety guidelines.
  • All our de-icing experts have experience working in many different industrial sectors

Glendale’s dedicated team can provide de-icing services across the UK. Our depots are located throughout the country, allowing us to deliver an efficient de-icing service at a local, regional, and national level. By choosing us to provide a professional de-icing solution for your business premises, you can relax in the knowledge that your pathways and roads will remain safe to use, all winter long.

Did you know? According to the Hospital Episode Statistics for England, over 7,200 people were treated in hospital for injuries sustained from slipping on snow or ice during the winter of 2017/18- isn’t it time de-icing became part of your health and safety plan if it isn’t already?

Keeping your surfaces ice-free with winter roads and paths de-icing services

We currently deliver professional de-icing services to organisations in many different business and commercial sectors. Glendale ensures paths and roads are ice-free and safe to use throughout the UK, including those located at schools, hospitals, private businesses, and retail parks.

Sufficient de-icing of roads and paths relies on more than simply distributing rock salt. Glendale begins by carefully monitoring the Met Office’s weather reports for each of your locations. This key information is used to decide whether de-icing specialists will be required at your premises on that day. If ice and/or snow is predicted, we will be on hand to deliver a complete de-icing solution whether you work within utilities, energy, in a warehouse, office or retail park, we can help.

de-icing paths and roads

The right tools for the de-icing job

Our industry experience helps us to select the best equipment and products to suit each individual de-icing job. Depending on the size of your premises and the type of surface that requires the removal of unwanted ice and snow, we may opt for either manual or machine-based grit delivery to help with the de-icing. By choosing the best method for each situation, we can ensure that the de-icing service is delivered efficiently and to the highest standard, when and where you need it, and when the weather dictates.

Glendale places an emphasis on workplace safety; when our professionals visit your site to discuss your winter maintenance and de-icing needs, or to deliver the de-icing service, you can be assured they will observe our rigorous safety standards. Our aim is to keep your premises accessible, with minimal disruption to your daily operations.

Flexible de-icing solutions delivered locally and nationwide.

We pride ourselves on offering quality winter de-icing paired with great customer service. To help you budget more easily for the winter months, we’re pleased to offer our de-icing services in either pay-as-you-go or fixed price options. If you have any questions about our de-icing and winter maintenance services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

Our professionals can de-ice and grit the following areas, helping to prevent the formation of ice and snow build-up:

  • Pathways
  • Access roads
  • Car parks
  • Delivery depots
  • Loading bays
  • Site entrances

Improving site safety through professional de-icing services

Failing to plan sufficiently for winter can result in significant financial and operational implications for your business. If vehicles are unable to enter or leave your premises, deliveries and other logistical concerns can become problematic. Any amount of downtime or delayed starts to the working day can prove costly- and we all know too well how ice and snow can impact our movements at very short notice.

More important than any financial loss is the safety of staff, visitors, and residents. Ice on walkways can cause pedestrians to fall and result in potentially serious personal injury, whereas the dangers of ice on roads are even more clear. De-icing is vital to help mitigate any potentiation problems the winter can bring.

Glendale’s experts can help you keep your premises safe for all its users. As well as de-icing, we also offer snow clearance. Used together, these services represent the most effective remedy to ice and snow problems.

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