Winter Grounds Maintenance

Glendale’s winter maintenance contractors can carry out snow clearance, gritting, tree clearance and more winter services for your company.

During harsh winter months, companies can suffer tremendously if they don’t hire a reliable winter maintenance company – ice and snow can pose a real threat to employees and visitors, resulting in slips, trips and falls that could lead to injury.

Our clients rely on our team of expert winter maintenance contractors during this cold time of the year filled with ice and snow storms. Our team makes sure your premises is safe and ready for the coming months, it’s absolutely crucial to have a winter grounds maintenance plan in the lead up to the frosty weather.

If you’re looking for a winter maintenance company that can provide you with helpful, friendly and professional services up to the highest standard of work, look no further than Glendale and send us a quick enquiry today.

Even the cold can’t put us off

We don’t down our tools in winter. Our services are as much in demand then as they are during any other season as businesses need to be fully prepared for those harsh British winters.

We can help by providing various types of winter maintenance, going way beyond grass cutting.

When an imminent cold snap has the potential to cause havoc outside, summon us for timely vehicular and pedestrian gritting. If snow has struck and you weren’t prepared for it, our reliable snow clearance service will have it shifted in no time. We take the risk away, ensuring you and your staff have safe access and egress to work, keeping your business running all year round.

Don’t forget trees can also pose a threat during strong winds and heavy snowfall. Falling branches can damage buildings, people and property, and block access routes. You still have access to our full spectrum of arboriculture services all-year-round, including expert tree surgery, to ensure your trees are prepared for winter storms.

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Dependable Winter Grounds Maintenance Contractors

There’s a reason why Glendale have won many awards for our high-quality services and standard of work, it’s because of our team! Our team truly make Glendale the best in the business, we believe our bunch are second to none. You might be thinking we’re slightly bias – however, we consistently prove it.

If you hire our winter grounds maintenance contractors to complete services for your business, then you’ll see why we give the highest of praise to our Glendale crew. Every single one of our contractors has been trained to complete work to the best standard possible whilst giving friendly and professional customer service – they’re dependable, trustworthy, efficient and hard workers, the list could go on.

You’ll be as proud of your premises as we are of our team after they’re done with it.

Why Hire a Winter Maintenance Company?

Are your premises prepared for the harsh conditions that winter brings? If not, your business could freeze and come to a standstill. Glendale can help you prepare for the adverse weather and make sure your operations run smoothly even when temperatures fall below freezing. There are many reasons why you should hire a winter maintenance company:

  • Professional gritting services – make sure your private roads, car park and pavements are free from ice and snow. Prevents employees and visitors from slipping and makes sure vehicles have easy access in and out of your site.
  • Snow clearance contractors – snow storms are likely to occur over the winter period, if you’re not prepared then your premises could be covered in snow and you’ll be rushing to call someone to clear it up on short notice. This could be costly and delay your operations. Glendale can clear this up in no time.
  • Tree clearance – snow storms can also cause the branches of your trees to break and fall off as well as whole trees also sometimes falling. This could potentially block the entrance and exit to your premises whilst being a safety hazard. Glendale will be able to swiftly come and clear up any trees or debris.
  • Tree care – with our winter grounds maintenance plan, Glendale can provide tree inspections and tree management to make sure your trees are prepared for the cold and windy months.
  • Safety – the most important reason for hiring our contractors is to make sure your premises is safe. The health and safety of your employees and customers should be your top priority, we’re here to prevent any injuries or falls due to snow and ice on your property.
  • Continuous monitoring – Glendale will continue to make sure your premises is safe, whether it’s your trees or the icy ground, we’ll take care of it before it becomes a problem.
  • White de-icing paths – premium options in the form of our white de-icing solutions.

One Step Ahead – Our State-of-the-Art System

We don’t just sit around looking out the window waiting for signs of snow to kick into gear.

Here at Glendale, we have a state-of-the-art G-Live system paired with meteorological data which automatically alerts us and our clients to the expected temperature in their postcode. We invested in this high-tech system because we want to be as prepared as possible for all of our clients – snow and ice storms can put a stop to your business operations, if we’re one step ahead then we can clear this up before it even becomes an issue. Our system makes sure that we’re extremely accurate for our national and regional clients – we know when the temperature will drop to a hazardous or critical level, whether it’s during the day or at night.  Using advanced forecasting technology via metraweather to predict weather patterns, we can be there before the weather really bites.

When a critical level of temperature is reached, our software will alert you and you’ll have four hours to “stand us down” for gritting, we’ll deploy our teams after these four hours, who will then grit/salt the required areas. Access to our live software means you’ll also be able to see when and where we have treated your site, so you’ll know exactly what our team has been up to – live from the field to your smartphone via the Glendale Live app.

Our software makes sure our gritting and snow removal services are preventative and reactive rather than a last-minute rushed effort to clear your site. Our app offers real-time contract data, live photo evidence, complete transparency, proactive contract management and the opportunity to find efficiency gaps. It truly is the best for managing your winter maintenance.

Glendale Live Process

  • Weather forecast received
    • Imported into G-Live
    • Postcode activation for affected areas
  • ‘Intent to grit’ notification sent to local representatives
    • 4-hour time slot to stand us down
    • No gritting or snow clearing carried out if cancellation received within this 4 hour slot
  • 4-hour cancellation window ends and Glendale’s operatives given the go-ahead
  • Our team loads up, completes vehicle, stock and route check
  • Operatives arrive on site and commence service

Live reporting on work progress

Why Glendale?

  • We truly have a team of experts – they’re fully qualified and trained to complete work to the highest standard.
  • Our team will work with you and meet all of your requirements to the best of our ability.
  • Glendale’s team have a combined experience of over 200 years taking care of green (or white for winter!) spaces.
  • Strict safety procedures are set in place for our employees.
  • We ensure a friendly, professional and efficient service from our team.
  • State of the art system and meteorological data that alerts us to the temperature within your postcode – we’re one step ahead.
  • View live updates of the team’s work on your smartphone.
  • Feel free to call us for emergency assistance – we offer 24/7 cover.

Contact us or complete the quick enquiry form on this page to get the process started on getting your business ready for winter

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