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Do you need to remove a tree from your property? Our tree removal experts can fell virtually any tree safely and with unrivalled professionalism.

Trees are fantastic and provide many benefits to any outdoor space. However, their presence can also become problematic, especially when they are unhealthy or represent a risk to personnel or property. As a landowner, it is your responsibility to remove any tree that poses a threat to safety. Glendale’s experienced team can help to minimise the risk of your trees falling unexpectedly.

Although there are several reasons you may wish your tree to be removed, we fell the majority of trees due to health problems or when they have outgrown their growing locations. However, it is not always apparent if trees are unhealthy or at risk of falling; please click here to learn more about our specialist tree inspection and surveying services {link to Tree Inspections page].

Glendale has performed tree removals for many years and our experts select the most appropriate methods and equipment for each individual project. For more information about this service or to make an enquiry, please contact our team by calling 01257 460461 today.
We have depots spanning the width and breadth of the UK. A number of these depots have been awarded the status of ARB Approved Contractor from the Arboricultural Association and have maintained this accolade for several years. Those not yet accredited still adhere to the same criteria, so you can rest assured that our arboricultural business practices meet industry-recognised standards.

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Glendale tree removals

Removing trees safely is a complex process that requires patience, skill and experience. At Glendale, we take the time to evaluate each tree before any work begins. This helps us to identify the best machinery, tools and techniques to best remove the tree in question.

Our professionals carry the finest equipment including brushwood chippers, climbing kits, chainsaws and rigging equipment. All our tree removal equipment is subject to rigorous testing under LOLER and other regulations. By investing in the best and most reliable equipment, we can ensure the work is completed safely and in a timely manner. Glendale strives to complete expert tree removals paired with outstanding customer service.

For safety purposes, a safe working zone of approximately two tree lengths is maintained around the specimen, particularly at its rear. This is especially important if a straight fell tree removal method is chosen.

Why Glendale?

  • We use the best available felling and safety equipment to achieve excellent results
  • Our equipment includes 3.5 tonne arboricultural trucks, 4×4 pickups, trailed 6” brushwood chippers, chainsaws, climbing kits and rigging.
  • We have performed tree removals at professional institutions for many years
  • Our teams are fully insured and adhere to strict operational safety guidelines
  • All our team members have experience working in many different industrial sectors

Glendale can perform tree felling and removals across the United Kingdom. If you are a landowner, you are responsible for the maintenance of any trees that grow on your property. If you believe one of your trees may be unhealthy or is growing in a way that poses a risk to property or highways, our talented and experienced team can help.

Did you know? On average, 55 people attend A&E every year with injuries caused by falling trees.

Experienced specialists

Glendale has performed tree removal work for many years. We are specialists in climbing and aerial work with chainsaws, awkward access and confined spaces. We are also experienced in the use of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs) and other complex rigging techniques, enabling us to successfully complete even the most challenging projects. In addition, we have invested in battery-powered chainsaws and other equipment which may be preferable in locations that are hypersensitive to noise pollution and other environmental concerns. Paired with our unrivalled industry experience, we also continually invest in our fleet of liveried vehicles and equipment.

Our tree removal experts are highly trained arborists, giving them an in-depth knowledge and understanding of tree growth and management. You can be assured of our teams’ professionalism and dedication to completing work to an exemplary standard.

Method of extraction

Once felling has commenced, the tree must not be left standing. Methods of extraction include:

  • Straight fell to ground level. The tree trunk is dropped safely. The proper use of ropes and winches is required.
  • Fell in parts to the ground (sectional). Where limited space prevents straight felling, the tree is felled in parts. The climber ascends the tree and removes the timber in hand-held/roped sections.
  • Fell in parts leaving a 5m stump. As above but leaving a stump (this can be ground out as part of the job, or at a later stage).

The method of extraction is assessed in advance following a detailed site audit and risk assessment procedure. Our arboricultural crews complete these tasks sensitively and with a keen awareness of the surrounding area, taking any measures necessary to prevent falling branches and other debris from causing damage or injury. We also adhere to strict policies regarding protective clothing and the proper use of all our equipment.

Each crew must have a team member trained in aerial rescue where a climber is due to ascend the tree in case of emergency. All teams carry emergency first aid kits both on their person and in their vehicle. All Glendale personnel are also trained in first aid.

Debris removal

As well as felling trees, we can also provide efficient removal of debris from your premises. This might include leaves, trunks, branches, twigs and any additional organic matter. We dispose of these materials responsibly, recycling plant-based waste wherever possible or otherwise processing it into useful products such as woodchip, firewood or biomass.

At Glendale, we understand that appearances are important. That’s why we will endeavour to leave your premises as tidy as possible following your tree removal, removing any debris from the site as part of our comprehensive service.

Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs)

A Tree Preservation Order (TPO) is an order given by a local authority that is intended to protect either individual trees or groups of trees. If you wish to remove a tree that is protected by a TPO, it is essential to first gain written permission from your local authority. This should be completed a minimum of 6 weeks ahead of any work being undertaken.

Glendale is happy to request permission to conduct work on your behalf. However, we cannot guarantee that permission will be granted from your local authority. These judgements are made based on factors including the tree’s species, size, location and surrounding area as well as how much of a risk it poses to people and property.

Tree relocations

As well as tree removal, Glendale is an expert provider of specialist tree relocation services. Tree relocation is an excellent alternative to removal and ensures you can successfully move valuable trees, relocating them to another area of your property. This allows you to redevelop land without removing specimens which bring a host of benefits to your property.

We can perform successful relocations of any tree species or size. This is a valid option for any tree that has outgrown its current growing location.

To learn more about this service, please visit our dedicated tree relocation page.

We can perform tree removals at a time to suit your schedule, causing minimal disruption to your business as well as any nearby residences. However, there are recommended times of year to conduct felling, avoiding the bird nesting season in particular. Our professionals can help to minimise the risk of injuries or damage caused by either falling trees or individual limbs, offering the ideal tree management solution to landowners throughout the UK.

Safety is always of paramount importance, and we’re proud to protect residents, visitors, customers and staff everywhere from the dangers posed by trees. Contact our team using the form below and we’ll arrange your free, no-obligation quote for our tree removal services.

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