Stump Removal Services

When a tree has fallen or been felled intentionally, its stump can remain and prove difficult to remove. That’s where we come in.

Following the removal of a tree or shrub, it is important to also remove the stump. If left in situ, stumps can cause fungal rot or even sucker and produce new plants. They can also attract infestations of insects that may spread to your property, as well as diseases like honey fungus that put other trees on your land at risk. Glendale offers a professional stump removal service, ensuring that your stump is removed successfully and that the risk of rot or regrowth is minimised.

We can complete stump removals at all industrial and commercial premises, including retail and business parks (on hard standing or soft surfaces). Even if your stump is located in an awkward place near buildings, structures, boundaries or alongside a highway or waterway, Glendale’s experienced team can help.

If you require full tree removal, please visit our dedicated web page. Glendale has performed expert stump removals for many years and our knowledgeable operatives can remove stumps of any size using both mechanical and chemical means. This includes the remains of large, established trees which may have considerable subterranean growth. For more details on this specialist service, please contact the Glendale team today on 01257 460461.

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Glendale stump removals

Not only are stumps unsightly and obstruct planned redevelopment work, they also:

  • Take up valuable space
  • Present a trip hazard
  • Can cause damage to hard standing surfaces
  • Attract fungal growth and insect infestations
  • Can prove be difficult to manoeuvre around for grounds maintenance purposes
  • Play host to pests and diseases that may affect nearby plants

Glendale’s experienced team can visit your premises and remove any stump swiftly and efficiently. We have performed this service for many years and specialise in removing stumps positioned in challenging or sensitive locations.

We liaise with utility companies regarding the location of underground services and usually obtain a map of the area prior to breaking ground on the project. Before the stump is removed, the remnant trump will be cut off as close to the ground as possible and loaded onto the work vehicle to be recycled or reused.

Our professional equipment includes stump grinders, a suite of chainsaws and other motorised removal machines. We continually invest in the finest machinery to ensure we achieve outstanding results. Using our unrivalled industry experience, we select the most appropriate equipment and removal methods to suit each job. Our technicians operate all machinery in accordance with industry best practice, training and competency.

Our arboricultural crews are also fully qualified under current legislation in the use of pesticides in order to safely and sustainably apply chemicals to remove stumps. Our preferred products, how they are applied and stored, are fully compliant with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations, and support the requirements of the Sustainable Use Directive to minimise chemical use.

Why Glendale?

  • We are NHSS18 accredited and approved to undertake work on highways in line with the Highway Agency’s requirements
  • Our teams are qualified under the New Road and Street Works Act (NRSWA)
  • Our experts are experienced in relation to Chapter 8 of the NRSWA, relating to the correct use of signage, lighting and guarding for temporary road works
  • We have performed stump removals for commercial and industrial clients for many years
  • Our teams are fully insured and adhere to strict operational safety guidelines
  • Our technicians hold NPTC certificates of competency in the use of pesticides e.g. PA1, PA6A and PA6AA
  • We maintain an inventory of specialist machinery, tools and vehicles to get great results

Glendale can perform stump removal work across the United Kingdom. Whether your redevelopment is obstructed, or your property is simply looking untidy, our friendly and knowledgeable team is ready to help. We will work hard to ensure the designated area of land is left completely stump-free and ready for reuse.

Did you know? The rings of a tree’s stump can be used to decipher its age. The study of these rings is called dendrochronology.

Your tree experts

Glendale represents the industry standard in modern arboriculture. From high-specification tree surgery and specialist vegetation management to felling and stump removal, we are recognised experts in all aspects of tree management. With nearly 30 years’ experience in the field, Glendale’s team is equipped and ready to meet all your requirements.

We care deeply about trees and complete each job thoroughly, paired with consideration both for safety and for the wellbeing of the surrounding environment. This approach allows us to achieve exceptional results whilst avoiding unnecessary damage to your property. Glendale also places special emphasis on implementing sufficient risk management. Our careful and measured approach to risk helps us to safeguard both our workers and the general public.

Preventing regrowth

If left untreated, established stumps and root systems can sprout new surface growth. This frequently occurs at the sides of the stump, giving it an unsightly appearance and increasing its requirement for ongoing maintenance work.

Using a variety of techniques, Glendale can treat your stumps to prevent regrowth. This often includes the mechanical and chemical removal of the stump and major roots. We use all our industry experience to select the most appropriate methods in each circumstance, helping to ensure you don’t have to waste money on ongoing treatments.

Treating stumps of all sizes

We can remove stumps of any size, ranging from woody perennials right up to the remnants of large, fully-established trees. Our quotes are generally based on the plant species, the diameter of the stump, its height from the ground and the extent of any surface roots. At Glendale, we work hard to offer an exceptional service at a great price point.

Our teams have previously removed stumps from a great variety of plant species, giving us an acute understanding of the task at hand.

Debris removal

As well as removing tree stumps, we can also provide efficient removal of debris from your premises. This might include trunk segments, roots and any additional organic matter. We dispose of these materials responsibly, recycling plant-based waste wherever possible or otherwise processing it into other useful materials.

At Glendale, we understand that appearances are important. That’s why we will endeavour to leave your premises as tidy as possible following stump removal, taking away any debris from the site as part of our comprehensive service. This might include filling the stump hole with arisings from the removal process or removing arisings from the site for recycling or disposal at an authorised location.

Following stump removal, we can also reinstate the area with specific surface material, be that turf or hardstanding. Alternatively, if you require the space to plant a new tree, our experts can also excavate the area and make it ready for planting.

We can perform stump removals at a time to suit your schedule, causing minimal disruption to your business as well as any nearby residences. The ideal time to undertake stump removal is following the original felling operation, but this is not essential. Our professionals will also take precautions to minimise the risk of injuries or damage caused to property, offering the ideal stump removal solution to landowners throughout the UK.

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Did you know? A single mature oak can absorb more than 151,000 litres of water per year. This equates to over 400 litres every day!

Glendale is a leading provider of tree planting at all manner of commercial properties and facilities. Why not let our experts help your business? From reducing heating costs to improving productivity levels, the potential benefits of trees stretch far beyond boosting the appearance of your outdoor space.

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