Living Walls

Glendale’s expert team can provide you with the design, supply and construction of living wall systems. Completing every requirement exact to your specifications.

Glendale began creating and maintaining beautiful green spaces in 1990 and our desire for bringing them alive is stronger than it’s ever been.

As a result of schools of thought such as ‘biophilia’; a human’s infinitive love of the outside world and the ever-increasing focus on the use of space, innovative ways of bringing the outside in and developing green space within urban areas has grown significantly.

Glendale’s live wall systems are a direct example of our ever-changing times, and we have the right system for the right environment and the right budget.

Following a site visit, the team offer a comprehensive survey offering a solution-based design. This will include the assurance of the right system and the most suitable planting for the chosen area and reasons for its consideration.

Our service team will install the system as per the planning process and maintain the wall to ensure it is at its best all year around.

Glendale provides all areas of expertise including, design, supply and installation along with all irrigation, feed, planting and ongoing service and maintenance requirements

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A Dependable Living Wall Construction Company

Every single one of our team members at Glendale is trained to an extremely high level. We only accept the best when it comes to our crew, we understand just how important our clients’ green spaces are to them and we want to do our absolute best to make sure they look great and are in good health.

When it comes to living wall construction, our team truly are experts – they consistently turn blank spaces into beautiful green havens.

We don’t just leave you to it when installing live walls, we make sure to provide ongoing service and maintenance so that the plants growing on your walls stay healthy and vibrant.

It’s simple – Glendale will work with you to understand your wants and provide a solution.

The Benefits of Living Walls

There are many advantages to installing living wall systems on your building, some might even surprise you:

  • Improved aesthetics – first and foremost, they look amazing and add a bit of originality and flair to your property.
  • Improved acoustics – reduces noise levels in buildings
  • Improved air quality – we all know that greenery is great for the environment and purifies the air.
  • Custom-made designs which can incorporate company themes/logo’s – our team make sure to go all out when it comes to creative design.
  • Improved environmental credentials, net gain biodiversity – we can adapt the plant species so that your building is adding biodiverse value.
  • Natural protection for your property against wind and rain
  • Shows your company’s sustainability goals and supports corporate social responsibility
  • Overall increase in building users’ wellbeing
  • Studies have shown that employees are more productive working in an environment with plants.
  • Reduced levels of sickness – less stress
  • Design Edge

living wall systemsliving walls

Living Walls Installation Process

Interested in living walls for your premises? It’s time to get in contact with us!

After you’ve got in contact with one of our team members, we’ll offer a site visit and decide on a date and time that works for you. Our team will visit you to discuss your requirements further, including where you want the live wall, if you want multiple, how big you want it and if you have any specific instructions.

Once we carry out our comprehensive survey, we’ll then go back to our office and start work on a design that meets every single one of your requirements. We’ll take into consideration which plant species will work best for you and the location of your building.

If you’re happy with our project design, then we’ll move to the installation process. If you’re not 100% happy with the design, we can work on the areas you aren’t too sure about and answer any questions you may have, we want you to be completely on board with our plan.

Our team will come and install the living wall system exact to the design – we won’t veer from the plan. Our service team will then make sure it looks the best it possibly can all year round, making sure all of the plants are healthy.

Why Glendale’s Living Walls?

  • Our services are completed by a qualified team of specialists
  • We have a lot of experience and are extremely enthusiastic about living wall construction and green spaces
  • All of the work we complete is efficient and reliable
  • Our team will make sure to increase the environmental value of your area
  • Our approach makes sure we meet all of your requirements
  • Trusted supplier of grounds maintenance and horticultural services throughout the UK

If you want to go ahead with the installation of a green wall, please contact our team and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Green Walls for Outdoor Living

In urban areas, where the blend of concrete and steel dominates the skyline, the quest for green living becomes ever more pertinent. Glendale’s living walls represent a harmonious merge between nature and architecture, offering an oasis amidst the hustle and bustle. Whether you’re looking to transform an unsightly exterior or enhance your outdoor living space, our vertical gardens provide not just a visual feast but a sustainable solution to modern environmental challenges.

Our dedication to creating vibrant garden spaces involves a meticulous selection of the best plants, tailored to thrive in your specific environment. From the lush foliage of ferns and ivy to the robust beauty of shrubs and hedges, our range of plants ensures your living green wall flourishes, adding insulation against noise and pollution, whilst also making use of even the smallest of spaces. The modular nature of our systems allows for flexibility, enabling us to install living walls across various settings, turning even the most compact areas into a lush botanical haven.

The installation and maintenance of a living wall by Glendale come with the promise of quality products and a polite and helpful service, aimed at ensuring you couldn’t be happier with the work they’ve done. Our team considers all factors, including water and nutrients requirements, to ensure your vertical garden is both beautiful and sustainable. By choosing to attach a living wall to your building, you’re not only opting for an attractive feature wall but also contributing positively to your local environment, embracing green living practices that are increasingly vital in today’s world.

At Glendale, we understand that the right preparation is required before installation. Our pre-grown walls allow for a swift and efficient setup, ensuring that the walls provide immediate impact externally. Opt for a grounds maintenance contract to receive continuous support and service which ensures your living walls are highly maintained, free from pests, and supplied with the necessary compost and water, ensuring their health and vibrancy throughout the seasons.

We invite you to get in touch and let us help you create an attractive garden space that bespeaks the highest quality and dedication. Experience the transformation that Glendale’s living walls bring, not just to your property but to your quality of life within the urban landscape. Love the transformation that a living green wall can bring; it’s the perfect solution for those seeking to enhance their premises with something truly exceptional and sustainable.

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