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Glendale’s expert contractors can bring your vision to life with our landscape design services

Designing your dream landscape

Here at Glendale, we have a team of fantastic landscape designers, they’ve all got a creative eye and a dedication to going above and beyond client expectations. Glendale can take care of everything from design concept through to finished landscaping, including planting and construction – not many companies can complete the full process from start to finish, many just specialise in landscape design, planting, or construction, but we make sure our services encompass it all, so you don’t have to mess around with hiring multiple companies.

Our landscape designers also understand how to be versatile; so, whether you’re wanting to stick with the basics of a minimalistic style or go full throttle with a complex design, they know just how to adapt to meet the needs of each client. We’re extremely proud of our team here at Glendale, we work really hard to ensure that we only hire the best. When it comes to our apprentices, the training that they carry out is up to an extremely high standard.

If you’re interested in creating a beautiful green space around your business, park or public area, we’re the perfect company to call. Sustainability is becoming more and more thought about in consumers’ minds in this age of increased environmental risk, if you’re showing that you’re a green company, people may be more likely to buy from you / invest in your services. That being said, here at Glendale, we can complete sustainable landscape design services. After all, we’re a sustainable company aiming for carbon neutrality, we continue to research and invest in electric equipment and ensure we’re putting more into the environment than what we’re taking out of it.

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Landscape Design Company

We’re experts in all things to do with green spaces and we’re a leading landscape design company waiting for the chance to completely beautify your exteriors with trees, shrubs, flowers, and plenty more. In our mind, there’s nothing better than creating vibrant green spaces – we don’t just focus on the soft landscaping aspects though, we also make sure to get the hard landscaping right. A good mix of hard and soft landscaping creates the perfect blend of nature, scenery, and practicality, adding in gates, bridges, rocks, paving, benches and more in between the gorgeous greenery.

If you’re looking around all of the landscape design companies in the UK trying to decide which one to opt for, here at Glendale, we believe our services are second to none. That might seem slightly biased, but we’re committed to serving our local communities, we know the environment better than anyone and the Glendale team consist of landscaping professionals. We’ve got raving reviews from our past and present clients that we work with highlighting our quality of work and the high standards we keep.

Expert Landscape Design Services

When you invest in Glendale’s expert landscape design services, our specialists will complete a site visit and discuss your requirements with you. Once we know what you want and we’ve visited your site, our specialists will then get to work on designing the perfect landscape and giving your green spaces a makeover or creating completely new ones. Once we’ve sketched out a design, we’ll send it over to you for approval and make any tweaks that you want until you’re happy with the finished product. Then it’s time for the transformation! We’ll give you a timeframe and our experts will work to construct your landscape before the deadline and with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations. What’s included when we design landscaping?

  • Environment and visual impact assessments
  • Soft landscaping
  • Hard landscaping
  • Pre-applications, planning and consent applications
  • Habitat surveys
  • Ecological management plans
  • Paths/public access routes and entrances/exits
  • Wetland creation
  • Seeding
  • Weed control
  • & plenty more!

When it’s all done, we’ll make sure you’re completely happy with it and offer you a maintenance contract – all your new trees, plants, bushes, and flowers will need looking after to keep them at their best! If you do decide to take up our maintenance contract, you’ll be receiving grounds maintenance services from an award-winning company, so you’re not going to be let down by the quality of work we complete.

Why Choose Glendale’s Landscape Design Contractors?

  • We’ve got many years of experience creating beautiful green spaces
  • Our team is fully insured and adhere to strict operational safety guidelines
  • We’re a green company with green values, aiming for carbon neutrality
  • Our team have all got the knowledge and expertise to design your landscape exact to your requirements
  • We’re dedicated to leading a greener future and we’re always trying to boost biodiversity
  • Glendale is family-owned and operated with continued reinvestment into the business for innovation and service improvements
  • Guaranteed high levels of service, retention, and quality


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