Vegetation Clearance

Our one-off vegetation clearance services can help you clear your green spaces, highways, nature reserves and heritage sites ready for development or enhancement.

If you’ve acquired a tract of land, you may encounter areas of excessive plant growth that can create a substantial obstacle that must be removed before development can proceed. Trees, shrubs and weeds and even invasive species can all clutter open areas and prevent access for personnel and vehicles, slowing down the whole process and proving costly for land developers. Invasive weeds can spread over larger areas and require expert logistical management.

As well as effective site vegetation clearance, Glendale’s professionals can carry out additional services including wood chipping, mulching and stump grinding. These practices can help keep material removal costs down as arisings can be reintegrated into the topsoil. Our mulching equipment can efficiently remove many otherwise challenging materials including hawthorn and blackthorn. We can also provide additional arboricultural management and tree surgery where necessary in both amenity and utility settings.

With nearly 30 years’ experience in site vegetation clearance, Glendale is ready to offer our expertise to help you achieve your goals. We’re here to offer any advice that you may need. Our teams of specialists are also amply equipped and fully qualified to carry out any clearance work in a quick, professional manner.

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Benefits of site vegetation clearance

There are many advantages to professional land clearance, particularly if you seek to redevelop the area in question. Other reasons to clear vegetation might include to remove hazardous plant species, dangerous substances or refuse left from fly-tipping. Clearance work such as this can reduce antisocial behaviour, clear dangerous or diseased trees and vegetation, and clear an area that is disused, unsightly and dangerous.

If your site is inhabited by established trees, invasive species or widespread brush growth, development can prove almost impossible. The very first stage of developing any green space is to remove these plants and facilitate access. As well as redevelopment, clearing vegetation can benefit the area by reducing antisocial behaviour, clearing diseased or dangerous trees before they fall and enhancing the aesthetic value of the space by removing unsightly growth. Please note that invasive species can be difficult to remove and will require specialist, ongoing management to prevent their return.

We specialise in the effective removal of plant growth, from removing scrub and cutting down trees to stump grinding. Our teams can completely clear vegetation using the safest and swiftest methods. Glendale maintains an exceptional work safety record and all our operatives receive effective training in the use of chainsaws, mulching equipment, hedge trimmers and other motorised clearing equipment. All our team members are trained to be legislatively compliant, ensuring an outstanding level of service.

Why Glendale?

  • An accredited approach to risk analysis and management
  • 30 years’ experience completing professional site vegetation clearance work
  • We have been completing professional site vegetation clearance work for many years
  • Our expert clearance services can help to increase the value of your land
  • Our staff is expertly trained in the safe use of vehicles, equipment and herbicides
  • We dispose of removed materials responsibly, recycling as much as possible

Glendale carries out site clearances across the UK, helping landowners to reclaim valuable land otherwise lost to unchecked plant growth. We can complete clearance work on any scale, from large redevelopments to the complete removal of neglected gardens. For more details about our specialist services, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable team today. We will be happy to assist you.

What Glendale does

We are experienced in providing all aspects of clearing site vegetation, particularly projects that cover a wide geographical area or have complex logistical requirements. Glendale’s teams have previously cleared land for housing developments, airports, heritage sites, education centres, waterways, highways, motorways, industrial units, commercial spaces and much more with the aim of uncovering useable space and making the site safe. Our trained staff will evaluate each area of land individually, selecting the most appropriate methods to swiftly and effectively remove any excess plant growth.


Our comprehensive service offering includes:

  • Landscape and visual impact assessments
  • Hazardous tree surveys
  • Inclusive, collaborative briefing with all stakeholders
  • High specification tree surgery
  • Veteran tree management
  • Hedge trimming
  • Pest and disease management including OPM, Emerald Ash Borer and Ash Dieback
  • Scrub removal
  • Tree felling
  • Stump grinding and removal
  • Weed control
  • Wood chipping services
  • Disposal of waste material
  • Invasive species control including rhododendron, giant hogweed and Japanese knotweed

Vegetation management service

Once vegetation has been cleared, Glendale’s teams can also collect and remove any resultant waste material – we hold all of the appropriate waste carrier registration certification. Our waste disposal process includes the disposal of waste at authorised waste providers including hazardous plant material. In addition, we commit to recycling waste materials wherever possible, particularly green arisings. Our professional waste disposal ensures your premises are left in perfect condition.

If you’re interested in a complete tree management package from detailed surveys to work programmes, then please refer to our dedicated tree management service pages. If you are looking for cyclical vegetation management alongside powerlines, rail tracks or highways, visit our vegetation management page. We also operate a nationwide, 24-hour emergency service for clients.