Sports Pitch Maintenance

Regular sports pitch maintenance can keep playing surfaces in perfect condition, reducing the risk of injuries and improving sporting performance.

All pitches require frequent maintenance to keep them in peak condition for their respective sport. Whether your surface is used for football, golf, cricket, rugby or equestrian activities, each pitch type or playing surface has its own set of desired characteristics required to boost performance.

Glendale offers outstanding sports pitch maintenance services on both a one-off and a contractual basis. We have worked closely with the sports and leisure industry for many years, delivering specialist services for a wide range of sporting venues. Our previous clients include stadia where athletics events are televised as well as famous football grounds. This experience makes us the perfect choice to meet your needs.

From regular services such as grass cutting and line marking to more specialist activities including levelling and drainage, Glendale has the equipment and skillset to complete the work to Institute of Groundsmanship (IoG) standards. For more details, please give us a call or use the quick enquiry form opposite or email today.

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The right maintenance at the right time

Sports pitches must be resilient, able to simultaneously resist the elements and stand up to use throughout the playing season. By carefully controlling turf planting schedules, cutting heights, watering, drainage and repair work, we can ensure your playing surface is always ready for action.

An active pitch maintenance schedule is key, and not just for sports which are particularly damaging to turf. Even if turf is used only lightly, muddy patches and uneven ground can negatively impact the appearance of the surface as well as sporting performance. By enlisting Glendale, you are reducing the need for costly resurfacing work at the end of the season, especially if your pitches are multi-use according to the season, e.g. rugby to football, or football to cricket.

As well as turf, Glendale can perform professional maintenance work on other sports surfaces including synthetic pitches, hard surface pitches, clay courts, MUGAs or hard/spongy play surfaces. Our expert teams have the knowledge, experience and equipment to keep any sports surface in peak condition, ready for its next sporting event.

Sports pitch renovations

If a sports pitch is used regularly, renovation will eventually prove necessary at some point during its lifetime. This is particularly important at the end of the sporting season. To keep a football field, rugby pitch or any other turfed sports surface functional, we recommend regular cutting, aeration and seeding. These actions can help to improve the sports surface. However, if the surface is in poor condition, resurfacing or landscaping can prove necessary. Keeping your sports pitch in the best possible condition not only helps to improve sporting performance but also reduces the risk of injuries due to tripping over tussocks and other uneven surfaces.

Do you need a playing surface in a hurry? Not a problem. Our turfing specialists can bed in new grass to provide a playing surface where waiting for natural growth is not an option.

The experts at Glendale can also survey your sports pitch and subsequently identify an appropriate renovation action plan. By taking the time to judge each pitch thoroughly and individually, we can help you save both time and money in the future.

Why Glendale?

  • Our expert teams are equipped with professional-grade tools and equipment
  • We have experience working on pitches for a wide range of different sports
  • We are committed to achieving the very highest standards in health and safety
  • We can complete all aspects of sports pitch maintenance in a timely and professional manner

Taking weather conditions, soil types, intended use and other environmental factors into consideration, we evaluate your sporting surface and advise on an appropriate maintenance plan to meet your individual requirements. The work we recommend is dependent on the frequency and type of use your pitch must sustain. We carry out all our work to avoid clashing with either training or sporting events. This lets you concentrate on sports promotion and other organisational activities, safe in the knowledge your pitch is in great condition.

Glendale has previously worked everywhere from large-scale stadia, race and golf courses in the private sector to training grounds and more. This experience helps us to deliver the high standard of work our customers have come to expect. We also continually invest in the latest equipment including robot line markers, multi-line markers and environmentally friendly paint, as well as other specialist kit. This inventory helps us to achieve outstanding results. Our teams are also well-versed in the installation and painting of goal posts, the setup of nets and other specialist vocations.

Did you know? Although Latin, the word “stadium” comes from the ancient Greek work stadion, which originally referred to a running event that was part of the Ancient Olympic Games. It’s thought that stadion related to the length of the race – a 180m sprint.

Benefits of playing sport on grass

Playing sport on well-maintained grass has many benefits, with player experience a key factor to consider. Research has shown there are psychological benefit to playing on grass. Sportspeople can participate in a more relaxed and confident manner, being less concerned about injuries caused by muddy or uneven surfaces. Playing on turf also reduces harsh impact and strain on joints.

Glendale’s expert teams provide comprehensive sports pitch maintenance services. From reseeding damaged turf and line marking to removing fallen leaves, we perform both reactive and proactive work on sport surfaces.

Our specialists are passionate about bringing green spaces to life and cultivating outstanding sport surfaces. If your pitch is in poor condition or you would like to lay a new one, Glendale also offers sports pitch renovation services.

Contact Glendale today to discuss sports pitch maintenance in more detail or to receive a quote or information regarding site visits. We look forward to hearing from you.