Commercial Hedge Trimming

We deliver expert hedge trimming services using our professional equipment and unrivalled industry knowledge.

Hedges must be maintained and kept under control, especially where access for pedestrians and vehicles is required. This is doubly true for thoroughfares where vegetation is obstructing safe passage and increasing the risk of potential accidents.

Local councils can issue fines for landowners who do not maintain their hedgerows sufficiently. If your local council has served you a vegetation order, don’t worry. As long as you act quickly, we can help you avoid fines by swiftly getting your hedges into shape. We can also adhere to specific hedge cutting legislation, where applicable.

Our expert team is experienced in actively maintaining green spaces, trimming back vegetation alongside roads, pathways, fields, perimeter/boundary hedging and more. Please call us on 01257 460461 for more information.

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Glendale hedge maintenance

At Glendale, we recommend regular hedge trimming, cutting and maintenance as the best way to keep hedgerows both tidy and safe. Keeping hedges trimmed back is not only more aesthetically pleasing but also retain their desired shape and density of foliage. Unattended roadside hedgerows can obstruct the vision of drivers and pedestrians, increasing the likelihood of accidents. Our primary objective is to consistently prevent any hedge encroachment upon footpaths, roads and car parks.

Informal hedges alongside fields or thoroughfares normally only require cutting back once a year. For formal hedges, we would recommend trimming two to three times per year to keep them looking their best. Our team is ready to help maintain any type of hedgerow. Cutting is generally undertaken to maintain the original height and profile of the hedge. In some situations, it may be appropriate for us to gradually adjust the hedge into an ‘A’ shape.

The Glendale team carefully selects and uses the most appropriate equipment for each job, ranging from hand-held cutters to tractor-mounted flails.

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Why Glendale?

  • Our expert teams are equipped with professional-grade hedge trimming tools
  • We have experience working in a wide range of different environments
  • We are committed to achieving the very highest standards in health and safety
  • Our operatives receive full training and are insured to complete work on hedgerows

We ensure that your hedge trimming will be completed at a time that suits you, taking into account the bird nesting season. When you enlist Glendale’s hedge trimming services, we work hard to ensure that the work is carried out with minimal disruption to your daily operations. Listening to our clients’ requirements is fundamental to Glendale and we care about delivering great customer service.

Glendale’s team ensures that when cutting commences on an individual hedge, the work is completed before moving onto the next. We also collect and compost all arisings, leaving the surrounding areas as tidy as possible. All our hedge management work is carried out to BS 3998, a comprehensive British Standard that takes into consideration the soil, growing environment, biosecurity and needs of adjacent trees and other plants.

Did you know? The largest hedge in the world is in Meikleour, Scotland. It reaches a height of 30m and is 530m in length.

Formal hedges

Some formal hedges might require three cuts a year. However, this really depends on the desired style. Wherever the hedge is situated, Glendale is happy to advise and construct a work plan that suits your needs. All our pruning and clipping work is carried out in accordance with good horticultural practice. We use the most appropriate equipment in each situation to achieve the desired results.

Please note: topiary requires more specialist care, time, design and work. Contact our team today to discuss.

Hedgerow wildlife

Hedges provide many benefits for the environment. They can act as a wind break and as a barrier from adverse weather whilst also being home to a variety of wildlife.

Once a hedgerow is mature, you can expect to see various species of birds, insects, and small mammals such as hedgehogs sheltering there. Hedges are a key factor in maintaining a diverse natural habitat that caters for a wide range of animal life. Glendale’s expert teams take this into consideration whilst trimming any hedgerow vegetation.

We maintain hedges in accordance with The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and the Countryside Right of Way Act 2000 in order to avoid major disturbance to nesting birds and wildlife.

Installation of Hedgerows

If you are interested in laying new hedgerows, please visit our commercial landscaping page. There, you’ll find more information about our comprehensive hedge laying and shrub planting services.

There are many benefits to installing hedgerows on your property. They can be used to neatly frame pathways, roads and car parks, as well as protect smaller plants and help to emphasise perimeter boundaries. A hedge also provides a more natural and attractive alternative to fencing whilst also benefitting local wildlife. Hedgerows in residential areas can even discourage antisocial behaviour.

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