Commercial Grass Cutting

First impressions matter! Keeping a well-maintained grass space will create a lasting impression on your visitors, work colleagues and passers by.

We understand the importance of caring for a lawn and green spaces, all year round. Grass can easily get tired, worn out and infested with weeds if not cared for properly. It doesn’t take much, only a sustained period of warm weather mixed with some rainfall and grass can suddenly appear rough and out of control.

Glendale’s highly skilled operatives are trained to use the very best commercial mowers on the market, along with the latest grass maintenance equipment and technology, including robotic and battery operated machinery. No scale of work is too small or too big, the finer detail after a grass cut is taken care of by trimmers and hand tools and for larger grass areas such as airfields, country parks, paddocks, and sports pitches, tractors equipped with high capacity mowing decks provide a versatile mowing solution. This means that our teams can maintain a grass space for you to be proud of, whether large, small, flat, inclined, lined with trees and shrubbery or filled with features such as water fountains, monuments, and statues.

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Grass Cutting from Glendale

Mowing a lawn isn’t just cosmetically pleasing, there are also less obvious benefits to be had from having the grass cut regularly. Any gardener will tell you that looking after a lawn can be extremely time consuming. Pristine lawns require devotion, dedication and patience. By trusting Glendale with your lawn, you ensure that it will be maintained to an exceptional standard without having to worry about being actively involved in its management.

Understanding the needs of our clients is of utmost importance to us at Glendale. Our qualified grass cutting teams have a wealth of knowledge and understanding when it comes to caring for green spaces. Their experience and know-how will deliver an environment that you can be proud of.

Lawns can be cut in a variety of ways depending on the usage or demands placed upon it. The reward of presenting a flawless piece of turf is very special and our skilled teams pride themselves on the quality of their work.

Glendale’s Grass Cutting Services

  • Cut and Collect – We will cut your grass and take away the cuttings.
  • Cut and Drop – Leaving a fine layer of grass cuttings on grassy areas provides more nutrients for the soil.
  • Ride on lawnmowers – Our nationwide fleet delivers pristine cuts in a time efficient manner.
  • Tractors and Gang Mowers – giving large grass areas a manicured finish in a fraction of the time.
  • Battery Machinery – Quiet lawn mowing technology for areas where noise is an issue.
  • Grass trimming – Our teams can trim difficult or challenging areas where a mower might struggle to get to.
  • Borders and Edging – Cutting close to borders and edges with a grass trimmer, gardening shears or using a half-moon edger highlights a lawn’s finish.
  • Striped Finish – using rollers to give your lawn an attractive finish.

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Did you know? A mulch style cut can save up to 60% of time compared to other cuts. Not all lawns are suited to this style of cut and it can take a few cuts before this cut looks its best. However, cutting your grass often and to a very short length will improve your lawn’s appearance greatly.

Glendale’s Grass Cutting Services

  • We choose the best times of year to cut and maintain your grass
  • We choose the optimum height to cut your grass for usage requirements
  • We carry out regular weeding & feeding treatments where required
  • We aerate the lawns for optimal drainage and growth
  • We scarify to clear moss and thatch
  • Full turfing and lawn repair where required
  • We offer spring, summer and seasonal treatments to maintain your perfect lawn
  • Access to Glendale Live for all project performance related data
  • We have a variety of packages available to meet your needs

Cutting Grass Throughout The Year

The height that grass is cut changes throughout the year. Grass should be cut slightly longer at the beginning and towards the end of the cutting season. Cutting grass through winter is usually unnecessary as the growth rate of grass slows down considerably. If the weather is milder and the grass is still growing, a ‘rougher’ cut could be suitable.

Although it is possible to achieve a presentable standard with only a little intervention, the benefits of a fully sustained, long-term maintenance and care program are obvious to see when you come across a well-kept lawn. Ideally, a lawn needs a comprehensive, rolling year-on-year schedule to assure its health for the future. Lawns face a multitude of challenges and changes throughout a calendar year, and adapting your care package around this is important.

Our team is best equipped to deal with all of your green space needs. We only hire the best and the most hard working people, so if you are looking for gardening jobs and you fit this description, you could be the perfect fit for Glendale.

When to Cut Grass

Glendale will mow your grass at the best time. Not just at a convenient time for you, but also for the health of the lawn. This is because grass needs time to grow and recover after winter. The optimal time to cut grass is when it’s dry, as this garners the best results, however in the UK this isn’t always possible. Although you can cut grass whilst wet, cutting grass when it’s too wet can have a detrimental effect on the lawn and turn any green space into a mud bath.

The length to cut grass changes throughout the year, with a lawn ‘preferring’ a shorter cut in the dryer, summer months and a longer mow in the autumn. By cutting the grass to an adequate length throughout the year, you ensure that each blade receives an equal amount of resources from the soil.

Pairing this practice with the right treatment of a lawn and the use of seeds or fertilisers, where required, will really boost the health and appearance of your green space.

Although the use of fertilisers and lawn care chemicals is sometimes necessary, Glendale’s commitment to the environment and implementation of sustainable practices prohibit their unnecessary use. The reason being that overuse of chemical fertilisers can have a detrimental effect on soil, which in turn can hamper the health of the grass and fundamentally damage a lawn. With this in mind, Glendale’s grass cutting and maintenance teams will avoid using chemicals where possible and encourage natural grass growth through managed cuts and care.

Why Glendale?

  • We have more than 28 years’ experience delivering commercial landscape maintenance services across the UK.
  • We are accredited to ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 14001 Environmental Management and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Standards.
  • Our teams are expertly trained, qualified in their profession, and dedicated to meeting your expectations.
  • We provide you with a hassle-free asset management solution providing real-time contract data, live photographic evidence, proactive contract management and data reporting.

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