Commercial Storm Damage Cleanup

From removing storm damaged trees to clearing up debris, Glendale will make sure your grounds are back to looking their best after a storm.

We all know how harsh the winter months can be in the UK; our winter grounds maintenance services save our clients a lot of hassle when it comes to snow and ice. However, severe weather doesn’t just bring about frost, it’s also not unusual for the UK to face storms which are easily able to damage your grounds with strong winds, hail, and rain. 

Trees are a part of the landscape that many business owners never think about until after a storm takes place and they’re left with dangerous fallen trees and debris all over the grounds. That’s when you’ll be glad to know that Glendale is here for you with top-quality commercial storm damage cleanup services, including emergency fallen tree removal and emergency tree felling.

We’re ready for anything

At Glendale we have the personnel and tools to handle any size of storm damaged tree or debris, we’re ready to respond and get your business back up and running quickly. Our team have got the experience necessary to take care of your grounds like they would their own. After the devastating effect of a storm, it’s easy to get stressed, but knowing you have a company by your side that will respond quickly and efficiently will take your worries away. 

We have the staff for the job

We have dozens of highly trained employees that are ready and able to help with restoring your grounds after a storm quickly and professionally. You can rest assured that we’ll get the job done right!

Quality you can count on

At Glendale, we take pride in our work, which means all aspects of our business are handled by qualified professionals. From taking down trees to clearing debris, we always leave your property looking better than it did before.

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Storm Damage Tree Cleanup

Storm damaged trees can pose a great risk to your employees, customers, and visitors. If the trees have already fallen, this could cause obstructions to pathways or roads, injury to any animals or pedestrians, and generally be an eyesore on your commercial property. Here at Glendale, we can complete storm damage tree removal for any trees that have fallen over after a storm – it’s really important to remove these dead trees as soon as possible so that they’re not a hazard for anyone around them. 

However, storm damage isn’t always as visible as a fallen tree, your trees could be damaged whilst still standing. You might be thinking that your trees are perfectly fine and there’s no need to get a professional in if this does happen, however, it’s always better to be safe than sorry as you’re liable for the trees on your land and any damage they may cause. Our experts complete tree inspections for our clients straight after storms, making sure to identify and deal with any hazardous trees. If any of your trees have splits, cracks, loose bark, decay, or are leaning after a storm, this could be a sign of a hazardous tree. There are also less obvious warning signs that only experts can identify though, so it’s best to always give us a call.

Storm Damaged Trees

Hazardous trees can cause injury or even death, it’s only a matter of time before that hazardous tree falls or has branches breaking off. Even small trees weigh tons and there’s a chance one could land on a pedestrian walking near it or a car parked beneath it. Then you’ll be faced with a massive bill for someone’s brand-new car or an even bigger bill for a major injury caused by your property. A negligence claim can be made against you if your trees cause damage to anyone, whether it’s themselves or their property. Our post-storm tree inspections will make sure that your trees aren’t a risk and you’ll have our reports to show you’ve done all you can to mitigate the risk if something unexpected was to happen. 

Emergency Tree Felling

Taking care of your commercial property after a storm can be a stressful procedure, not only will you be looking into repairs for your building, but you’ll also need to make sure your grounds aren’t dangerous. Especially if you need emergency tree felling, where fallen trees can seriously disrupt your business operations – whether the tree has fallen in your car park or on a path/road towards your business, customers and staff might not be able to access your building. Making sure this tree is cleared as soon as possible means that your business can get back to normal quickly – here at Glendale, we understand just how critical a swift and efficient emergency fallen tree removal is, every minute counts when it comes to preventing lost revenue. 


Pruning Storm Damaged Trees

After we inspect your site for any hazardous trees, our tree surgeons will start the process of pruning storm damaged trees. Cutting any dead or split branches and pruning the damaged parts from your trees will make sure they stay healthy, and branches aren’t at risk of falling and causing further damage. Your trees might look a bit bare right after we prune them if they’ve got a lot of storm damage, however, they will soon fill out and look beautiful and vibrant again without being a danger. 

Why Glendale?

  • Our services are completed by a trained and qualified team of professionals
  • Get your business back to normal following a storm
  • We’ve built up a reputation for being reliable, dependable, and consistent
  • We complete efficient hazardous tree removals while adhering to strict safety procedures
  • We are careful not to damage any trees whilst completing our services
  • We’ve got a real passion for green spaces and dedicate ourselves to keeping them healthy
  • We’re family-owned and operated, continuing to invest in the business to improve our services
  • Assured high levels of service, retention, and quality

Grounds Recovery After a Storm

If you’re interested in our post-storm grounds services, or you’d like to take up a grounds maintenance contract to make sure you’re always covered, then contact the Glendale team today and we’ll discuss your requirements. Restore your property with our commercial storm damage restoration.

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