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Glendale Arb Tech Services, an arboricultural consultant company ready to provide you with tree consultancy services to properly manage your green spaces.

Here at Glendale, we have a team of experienced tree consultants who are experts in the care and management of trees. Our team have the knowledge and expertise whilst also working with the latest machinery to fulfil your requirements to the highest standards possible.

Our professional arboricultural services include tree inspections, reports and more all across the UK to make sure treescapes are healthy and thriving. Here at Glendale, we don’t just provide this service every once in a while or when you call us, we provide ongoing support to our clients who take out an arboriulture consultancy contract with us. This means that you won’t have to worry about when your next survey is due or how healthy your treescapes are, we’ll already be taking care of it.

*Disclaimer: Glendale Services offer free site surveys, however, we do not offer free arboriculture surveys*

Trees provide many benefits to our environment, but they also come with potential risks that can be harmful to people and property. Therefore, it is essential to have an expert assess the trees on a property to identify any risks and provide recommendations for safe and appropriate management.

If you’re looking for someone to take care of your trees, look no further than Glendale Services. We don’t just have the team and experience, we’ve also got the passion and dedication to providing the best service possible which sets us apart from the rest. As well as this, we’re committed to leading a greener future – setting the benchmarks for environmental responsibility, aiming for carbon neutrality and constantly trying to make our services more sustainable. We’re not just a company that does an amazing job, we’re also a company that cares about the job we’re doing and the impact it will have on our environment.

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What Services Do Arboricultural Consultants Offer?

Nationwide Tree surveys and tree inspections: An essential part of tree management. Tree consultants can survey trees to identify the tree condition, species, age, size, and health. This information helps to develop management plans and identify any potential risks.

Tree risk assessments: Trees can pose a risk to people and property if they are not well maintained or are diseased. Arb consultants can carry out a risk assessment to identify any potential risks and provide recommendations for risk reduction.

Tree preservation: An arboricultural consultant can provide advice on how to preserve trees and their surrounding areas during development projects. We can also provide guidance on protection measures, such as fencing and barriers.

Tree management: Develop and implement management plans to ensure the safety and health of trees on a property. They can also give guidance on pruning and removal.

Tree root inspection: As a professional arb consultancy, we don’t just inspect what you can see, we can also inspect what you can’t, making sure roots are healthy and aren’t causing any damage.

Follow tree preservation orders: Because each of our team members is a complete expert in their field, they know the TPOs put in place by local authorities that they must adhere to. This stops you from getting into legal trouble if protected trees on your property are cut down or wilfully damaged.

Tree anchoring: An anchor provides the stability a new tree needs to thrive and be secure in its new area. Our experts can carry out tree anchoring as well as assess whether it’s needed for your requirements, they’re especially needed in windy areas to help the tree stay upright.

arboricultural consultancy

Tree decay detection: Oftentimes, trees can be decaying without any visual signs of them doing so. With our tree decay detection services, our experts will be able to assess any decay and act on it as soon as possible. We do this by using sonic tomography and many more methods.

Veteran tree management: One of the more difficult aspects of arboriculture, veteran trees present a very unique set of challenges and management techniques. Many veteran trees are centuries old, so we need to make sure to preserve them.

Tree planning applications: Whether you’re planting a new set of trees, relocating old ones or cutting some down to make room, we can help provide advice on planning applications.

PiCUS Tomography

Before the advancement of technology, tree decay detection just used to rely on visible signs. Luckily, specialised equipment has been invented which can essentially ‘look’ inside of a tree.

PiCUS Tomography is a non-invasive, cutting-edge technology used to assess the internal condition of trees. This advanced system uses sound waves to create a detailed image of the tree’s internal structure, allowing arboriculturists to identify areas of decay, cavities, cracks, and other structural issues. The tomography equipment consists of a series of sensors that are attached to the tree trunk and emit sound waves that penetrate the internal structure of the tree. These waves are then measured and analyzed to create a 3D image of the tree’s internal structure. This innovative technology enables arborists to determine the extent and severity of any structural issues, providing valuable insights into the overall health of the tree. With this detailed information, our experts can make informed decisions about the best course of action for managing and maintaining the tree, helping to ensure the tree’s longevity and safety.

Tree Consultants all across the UK

Since we’re a national company, we’ve got teams of tree consultants ready to provide a professional service and take on all your tree related requirements throughout the UK.  Our team has extensive experience and complete knowledge in the field of arboriculture, with a wealth of experience in tree care, management and conservation. They can provide specialist arboricultural advice on all aspects of trees, produce arboricultural reports and develop a bespoke management plan to ensure that your treescapes are looked after in the most effective way. Our experts have extensive knowledge of tree assessments and local planning regulations, so can provide you with the best advice for your particular project. So, whether you’re searching for tree consultancy London or tree consultancy Scotland, we’re the company for the job!

Professional Tree Consultancy - Hire Glendale

arboricultural consultancy

With our commitment to safety, sustainability, and excellence in what we do, you can trust Glendale to become your dependable partner in making sure your treescapes are looking beautiful whilst remaining healthy and thriving. We’ve got many years of experience in this field and always follow best practices. We truly believe our services are second to none, always trying to go above and beyond for our clients and receiving great feedback and continued relationships as a result. There’s no question that we’d be perfect for you and your requirements, so simply get in touch with us using the quick enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

  • Our services are completed by a trained and qualified team of professionals
  • We complete efficient surveys and assessments while adhering to strict safety procedures
  • We complete our work with minimal disruption to your operations
  • We’re dedicated to leading a greener future and we’re always trying to boost biodiversity
  • We’re family-owned and operated, continuing to invest in the business to improve our services
  • Established in 1985, we’ve got almost 40 years of experience in this industry
  • Our team will make sure to increase the environmental value of your area
  • Assured high levels of service, retention, and quality

Planning and Development & the Management of Trees

At Glendale, we understand the delicate balance between advancing development projects and preserving the natural beauty and health of trees. Our professional arboricultural consultancy team offers tailored services to navigate this intricate relationship, ensuring that trees are considered thoughtfully in the planning and development process. With an extensive background in working with public sector clients, we bring a depth of experience and a pragmatic approach to every project.

Our arboricultural team is highly skilled in conducting BS5837 tree surveys and preparing detailed tree reports. These surveys are crucial for understanding tree health, assessing safety concerns, and identifying any risk of damage. This detailed analysis helps inform our tree protection strategies, ensuring that trees are safeguarded throughout the development lifecycle and adhering to any TPOs (tree preservation orders) enforced by the local planning authority.

We pride ourselves on providing clear, understandable advice on trees in relation to development. Our tree surveyors are experts in evaluating the condition of trees and making recommendations that integrate seamlessly with your planning process. This involves a keen focus on ecology, recognising the value trees add to their surroundings and striving to maintain that balance.

Our consultancy is underpinned by a commitment to health and safety, both for the trees we manage and the environments they inhabit. As approved Arboricultural Association contractors, we adhere to the highest standards of tree care and management, reflecting our dedication to excellence and sustainable practices.

In working with Glendale, you’ll find a partner ready to navigate the complexities of trees with ease. Whether it’s offering advice on tree health, conducting comprehensive surveys and reports, or guiding you through tree protection measures, our team is equipped to support your project’s success, ensuring that development and nature can coexist harmoniously.

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