Preparations underway for world record attempt

Work is well underway to prepare a special world record attempt set to take place later this year in North Birmingham.

Seven hundred and fifty residents of Stockland Green, Birmingham, will attempt to beat the current record of 636 for the most people planting flower bulbs simultaneously at an event at Brookvale Park in November to commemorate the centenary of World War I.

The event is being organised in partnership with the local police, Birmingham City Council and Glendale, a green services company, alongside Interserve and Friends of Brookvale Park.

It will see participants attempt to plant five Narcissi bulbs each in an allotted time.

To set the record, the task must be completed within an hour and verified by the Guinness Book of Records.

The bulbs are being supplied by Glendale, whose specialists have also now begun the process of preparing the soil by removing a strip of over 300 metres of turf from part of the park which runs parallel to George Road.

The are has also been seeded with wildflowers which will provide blooms throughout the summer months ahead of the record attempt.

Tod Hale, contract manager at Glendale said: “This event is a fantastic way of bringing the community together as well as commemorating World War I as a lasting tribute.

Our experts began the preparations well ahead of time to make sure that the ground is in the best condition for the bulbs to thrive once they are planted.  Our plan is to then rotavate the land in the autumn and make sure the area is tidy ahead of the event.”

Police Sergeant Jim Reid of the Stockland Green Neighbourhood Team said: “This project provides residents of Stockland Green with an outstanding opportunity to work together to achieve a mutual goal.  It will raise a sense of pride in our community and generate a genuine feeling of ownership.

“This is the Launchpad to show everyone what can be achieved when a diverse and multi-cultural community such as Stockland Green comes together to meet a common goal, in this case, the commemoration of World War I.  The Stockland Green community will hopefully hold a world record as a result of the resident’s combined efforts.

“We thank Glendale and the other groups involved for their continued support and work to help achieve this long lasting goal.”

The event is scheduled to take place on November 9, Remembrance Sunday, and registration is from 1pm.

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