From Treetops to Team Leadership – Pick of the Bunch – Scott Bargery

For this month’s ‘Pick of the Bunch’, we’ve chosen to highlight the hard work of Scott Bargery, our dynamic Contract Manager for Glendale’s Southwark Arb contract. We explore Scott’s transition from arborist to management, shedding light on the challenges and opportunities this move has presented, as well as a bit more about Scott and what his future plans are.

Scott’s journey within the green services sector is marked by a clear vision. When asked about his transition to a contract manager, Scott reflects, “Transitioning from being an arborist to a contract manager has offered a new set of challenges and opportunities for my career growth. This role has required strong organisational and communication skills, as well as the ability to lead the guys on the tools carrying out the busy day-to-day challenges of the contract. I was looking to take on a more strategic and managerial position within the arboriculture industry, pursuing a career as a contract manager has been the logical next step to extend my experience as an arborist and has expanded my skill set to move my career in the direction of my 5-year plan.”

Delving into the responsibilities of his current role, Scott offers a detailed insight into his day-to-day tasks. “Managing the Southwark contract entails ensuring we meet the KPIs of the client and the daily contractual responsibilities of achieving the daily financial targets,” he explains. His leadership is pivotal in overseeing a team of ten staff, ensuring compliance with safety protocols, and maintaining equipment in line with stringent regulations. Scott’s commitment to his team’s growth and safety is evident as he highlights the importance of “delivering current and relative up-to-date toolbox talks to provide safety bulletins and updates to my staff.”

The aspect of his job that Scott enjoys the most is working alongside a diverse and skilled team. “I enjoy working with a great team of diverse and experienced arborists,” he states, underscoring the positive impact of teamwork and shared passion on the success of the contract. Witnessing his team members’ growth, from apprentices to seasoned professionals, brings him immense satisfaction.

When it comes to succeeding in the field of arboriculture, Scott believes in a combination of natural and developed skills. “Possessing natural qualities such as strong communication skills, attention to detail, problem-solving abilities, and organisational skills,” he notes, are crucial, along with a solid understanding of arboricultural practices for effective project management.

Scott’s ambitions extend beyond his professional growth, embracing personal milestones as well. He outlines, “My short-term goals for this year are to complete my level 4 arboricultural studies and to take the Lantra Thorough Examination of Arboriculture Lifting Equipment (LOLER),” acknowledging the support from Glendale in his professional journey. On a personal front, Scott is gearing up for the Leeds marathon, aiming for a finish time of under 4 hours and 30 minutes. This endeavour is close to his heart, as he runs to support his partner’s thyroid cancer charity.

Scott warmly reflects on his family, a central source of joy and inspiration in his life. He talks fondly of his daughter, Isla, whose enthusiasm for her dad’s work is ignited by the smallest connections, such as her classroom being named after trees. “It’s a lovely tie-in to what I do, and she’s incredibly proud,” he mentions, illustrating the sweet blend of his personal and professional worlds. Additionally, Scott introduces us to Teddy, the family’s mixed-breed dog, described as his “fur son” who is “full of old man character!” Through these snippets of his family life, Scott highlights the importance of having a strong support system, both at home and within Glendale, fuelling his dedication and drive in his role.

Joining Glendale in July 2023, Scott was drawn to the company’s commitment to career growth and development. “I found a platform for career growth at Glendale,” he says, highlighting the opportunities for advancement the company offers. His experience at Glendale has been positive, marked by significant learning and achievement opportunities.

Reflecting on his proudest achievements since joining Glendale, Scott doesn’t hesitate to share his milestones. “Passing my Professional Tree Inspectors course and more recently achieving an award at the managers conference for the Machinery Audit Award for the Southwark Arb contract,” he states.

Discussing the biggest challenge he’s faced, Scott is candid about the initial state of the Southwark Arb contract upon his arrival. “When I arrived on the contract, it was lacking in both management and staff,” he reveals. However, through hard work and dedication, Scott and his team have turned these challenges around, meeting contractual KPIs and adhering to health and safety protocols. “Now that we have turned the contract around, we are prepared for the next phase of works, which is scheduled to begin in the spring,” he adds, showcasing his resilience and leadership.

On the topic of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the workplace, Scott recognises Glendale’s efforts but sees room for growth when it comes to the wider industry. “Yes, I do think Glendale is taking the right steps to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion,” he concedes. However, he suggests more could be done to empower women into managerial roles and to encourage the uptake of apprenticeships, ensuring a more diverse and experienced workforce.

Unwinding after a busy day is crucial for Scott, who shares his relaxation rituals. “After work, I like to relax at home and do the cooking, following some of my favourite chefs’ recipes from Rick Stein,” he says. Additionally, his interests outside of work include being an avid fan of Formula One and enjoying long bike rides, activities that help him recharge and maintain balance in his life.

In offering advice to those starting in the green services sector, Scott’s guidance is clear and encouraging: “I would always say to have an open mind and embrace any opportunities that come their way.” His approach is a testament to a career built on seizing opportunities and maintaining a positive outlook, regardless of the challenges.

A massive thanks to Scott for taking part in our ‘Pick of the Bunch’ series; we’re beyond grateful to have him on our team.

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