Meet the team – Groundsman Zac Drew

Nineteen-year-old Zac Drew has been working as a groundsman with Glendale’s utility arboriculture contract with Western Power Distribution since July 2015. 

Based at the company’s Lincolnshire site, Zac is responsible for all aspects of arboricultural groundwork, including brash dragging, chipping and maintaining distances.  
Before joining the company Zac was completing his level 3 qualification in Forestry and Arboriculture at Riseholme College. 
He comments: “Whilst at college I worked at Longhold Wood Natural Burial in Lincoln undertaking forestry work and general gardening.  I also obtained my CS30, 31 and 28.  I heard about the opportunity with Glendale when they came to my college and met with me to discuss a career in arboriculture.  I was excited by the prospect so I enquired about scheduling an interview and my application was successful.” 
Zac has been working in the arboriculture industry for three years and has always liked the idea of climbing, working with chainsaws and having an outdoor office.  
He comments: “I love being outdoors and working on trees.  Free firewood is always nice too!  The job can be physically demanding so it is important to keep hydrated and eat a balanced diet to maintain your energy levels.” 
Zac is currently working towards his UA1 and chipper tickets with Glendale.  He aims to become a useful part of the cutting team and learn as much as possible from his colleagues.

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