Teching the Lead – Jack Lilley – Pick of the Bunch

Introducing Jack Lilley, our December ‘Pick of the Bunch’, who, though not a direct Glendale employee, plays a pivotal role in our operations. As a Senior IT Technician at our sister company, Parkwood, Jack and his team are the go-to experts for solving Glendale’s computer challenges. His knack for navigating the intricate world of technology has made him an invaluable asset to both Parkwood and Glendale.

Jack’s affinity for technology and his journey into the IT realm started early. He shares, “The dynamic nature of the IT world, marked by continuous technological advancements, has always fascinated me. Having grown up with and having a deep interest in technology since a young age, pursuing a career in IT felt like a natural and exciting choice. The ever-evolving landscape of information technology aligns seamlessly with my passion for staying abreast of the latest innovations, making the field a perfect fit for my ongoing curiosity and enthusiasm for all things tech-related.”

At the core of Jack’s daily tasks is a wide array of technical challenges, each presenting an opportunity for him to flex his problem-solving muscles. “Every day at the service desk brings me a fresh set of issues that require innovative problem-solving, allowing me to continually expand my knowledge and expertise. The environment provides a unique opportunity for me to tackle a wide range of technical puzzles, making my role not only intellectually stimulating but also immensely rewarding as a seasoned IT professional. The diverse challenges, from disassembling and troubleshooting PCs to addressing complex network issues and resolving on-site technical problems, keep my skills sharp across a broad spectrum of IT domains. This dynamic and ever-changing landscape is what makes working at the service desk an exciting and fulfilling experience for me.” he explains.

Jack’s approach to complex technical queries is a testament to his expertise and character. “When faced with difficult or complex user queries, as an IT technician, my approach is rooted in patience, active listening, and a systematic problem-solving mindset. Collaborating with colleagues and drawing on collective expertise is another aspect of my approach, as it allows for a comprehensive and efficient resolution to challenging technical issues.” Jack tells us.

The most significant challenge for Jack came during the COVID-19 pandemic, which brought unforeseen changes and pressures. Jack recalls, “In the aftermath of the COVID emergence, we faced the challenge with a smaller team and underwent significant infrastructure changes. Collaborating with colleagues, some of whom I’ve worked alongside for an extended period, we were able to effectively navigate these changes and move forward, ultimately delivering outstanding service.”

What’s a typical day like for Jack? It’s a blend of tackling IT issues and finding balance. He reveals, “My typical IT day revolves around managing the upkeep of the IT service desk alongside my colleagues, ensuring that daily technical challenges are addressed promptly and efficiently. In addition to handling the ongoing support tasks, I find myself deeply involved in various projects that contribute to the growth and improvement of the business’s IT infrastructure. Amidst the hustle, one constant companion is my trusty cup of coffee, a necessity.”

When asked about the surprising aspects of his role, Jack notes, “It’s amazing how integral IT is to every facet of a business. It’s the backbone that keeps everything running smoothly.”

Jack’s motivation at work stems from his desire to enhance his IT skill set. “The prospect of expanding my knowledge in a field I’m passionate about not only drives personal growth but also amplifies my ability to positively impact the work environment and support my colleagues effectively.”

When asked about one thing he couldn’t live without, Jack’s answer was immediate and unequivocal: the gym. It’s a fitting choice for someone who spends his day immersed in the digital world. The gym provides the perfect counterbalance – a physical space to unwind and recharge.

For those aspiring to thrive in a role like Jack’s, he believes communication is the most crucial skill. And while he’s a tech wizard at work, he’s also got an adventurous side, with Rome being the next destination on his travel bucket list.

Jack’s story is not just about technical prowess but also about continuous learning, adaptability, and making a significant impact behind the scenes. We’re proud to have Jack as part of our extended family and grateful for his invaluable contribution to both Glendale and Parkwood.

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