Glendale managers renovate planter beds on a Coventry estate

In Autumn 2014, Glendale’s management team donated their services to help a group of residents improve some raised planter beds on a housing estate in Coventry.

Glendale was approached by their client, Whitefriars Housing Group, for support in the renovation project in October.  The company has been providing grounds maintenance services for Whitefriars’ portfolio of housing stock since 2007.

Contract manager Luke Dove and supervisor Ian Douglass, joined a number of residents from the local area, including a group of children and Whitefriars Housing Group estate team to renovate the raised planters which are located on Hillmorton Road, Wood End in Coventry.

Luke Dove, comments: “We worked with the residents to prepare the beds for planting by weeding, litter picking and giving them a general tidy up. We then set to planting using a donation of bedding plants we were able to supply from our in-house nursery, Merediths, alongside some Daffodil bulbs supplied by Whitefriars Housing Group.

“The event went really well with refreshments being provided and everyone was pleased with the results.  We are looking forward to seeing the bedding flower and the daffodils coming through in the springtime to add some colour to the local area.”

Donna Milliner, customer involvement officer for Whitefriars Housing Group, comments:  “Thanks to Glendale and their donation of bedding plants, plus the daffodil bulbs from Whitefriars Housing Group, local residents are now able to look forward to a burst of welcoming colour outside their front door this Spring.

“Working together to tidy up three raised planters was a fantastic way to bring residents and staff together.  Spending time clearing the rubbish and removing the weeds has made a big difference to the view outside the resident’s windows.  Young people were also given the opportunity to learn how to plant bulbs and plants and were given information about what they were planting and when they are due to appear.

“We are extremely grateful for Glendale’s support, we cannot wait for the flowers to appear.”

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