Glendale helps improve safety at a local primary school

In early 2014 Glendale Nottingham was contracted to construct a pedestrian footbridge over a brook at St Peter’s Junior School, Ruddington, in order to improve safe access for the children and parents.

Until recently pedestrians had to share a bridge with vehicles.

The contract was for a value of £10,000 and included the construction of a small fenced courtyard which acts as a waiting area for the parents.  The footbridge was officially opened by the Headteacher in a personal ceremony at the school on the 23rd June.

Craig Redfern, the supervisor on Glendale’s Nottingham contract, comments: “We are very pleased with the results of this landscaping project, it was something very different from the normal daily operations and promotes Glendale’s flexibility and ability to carry out different types of landscaping in Nottingham.  It feels great to know that the pupils and other pedestrians are safer as a result of the project too.”

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