Glendale Awarded Increased Responsibility in North Somerset

Glendale has been delivering the £150,000 p.a. arboriculture contract on behalf of North Somerset Council for the last eight years.  During this time a strong partnership has been realised between the two organisations based on mutual trust, the achievement of common goals and the contribution Glendale makes to the community.

Glendale has been awarded the street cleansing, grounds maintenance and beach cleansing contract.  This contract is one of great value to North Somerset Council due to the impact that the quality of grounds maintenance has on tourism.  Tourism plays a vital part in the local economy and making sure that the neighbourhood is presented correctly is crucial to its success.

There are two unique elements to Glendale’s approach to cleansing and grounds maintenance for North Somerset Council.  The first is Glendale’s commitment to landfill diversion.

“Through our ability to deliver a turn-key service we are able to recycle and recover approximately 4,500 tonnes of waste from street sweeping, beach clearance and litter collection across the district,” explains Terry Doyle, Glendale’s regional director.

“This waste will be managed at our state-of-the-art recycling centre on the outskirts of Exeter and the district will witness more recycling than ever before.”

As part of this pioneering process, street sweepings and seaweed will be recovered, along with all green waste from grounds maintenance activities.  General waste and fly-tipping will be screened, segregated and reused and all arboricultural waste will be sent to bio-mass.

“This lean management technique will bring essential savings to all areas of service provision and it is expected that nearly £1 million will be saved through efficiencies and recycling waste away from landfill,” adds Terry Doyle.

The second unique element is that the contract is purely resource based.  This client led approach allows Glendale to offer North Somerset Council a blueprint for future local authority outsourcing.  North Somerset Council has specified the resources they require and have the ability to draw on these resources when required to deliver frontline services to their residents.  This method allows Glendale to provide an unrivalled, flexible service whilst demonstrating value for money and a true partnership solution.

As part of the contract mobilisation process, approximately 60 locally based staff members will transfer over from OCS and The Landscape Group.  The new staff will immediately enjoy the comprehensive range of employee benefits that Glendale offers.  All transferred staff will be eligible for progression through the company and, as part of the process, will be provided with award-winning, LANTRA, NPTC and RoSPA accredited training sessions.  In addition to this vocational training, Glendale will also seek to support staff in improving their skill levels in areas such as adult literacy, numeracy and IT skills.

“Glendale understands that the services within this contract are a gateway and we will continue to invest in our partnership with North Somerset Council, providing a service that sits right at the heart of the community.  Investing in our people, ensuring that the environment suffers minimal detrimental effects from our activities and ensuring that all stakeholders in the partnership profit from the efficiencies and best practice we deliver are essential to our success,” says Terry Doyle.

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