Flood defence training in North Somerset

In early November Glendale’s team based in North Somerset undertook a day of flood defence training.

The training included erecting flood defence barriers in order to provide protection for members of the public and local businesses in Weston-super-Mare on behalf of North Somerset Council. The exercise allowed all of Glendale’s team to receive training in deploying the flood defence barriers in order to meet any future demands.  

The training session took place on Drove Road Recreation Ground in Weston-super-Mare.  The site was chosen because it is not an area that floods regularly preventing any unnecessary concern amongst local residents. 

Glendale have a unique seven-year partnership with North Somerset Council with enough flexibility built in to enable the staff to be redirected to deal with non-core tasks, such as flood defence projects, at no additional cost.  

A key component of this approach are Glendale’s seven environmental support teams who are able to provide a rapid response to special events, seasonal or weather based occurrences where required by the council. 

David Buckley, contract manager for Glendale in North Somerset, said: “North Somerset Council have requested us to undertake the distribution of flood defences as part of our service delivery in the district.  

“The barriers will only be deployed, and the training put into action if certain conditions are met, such as a prolonged period of wet weather and a flood alert being issued.” 

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