Celebrating the next generation!

National Apprenticeship Week is a celebration of apprenticeships and the positive impact they have on the people who undertake them.

It is also a time to celebrate the fantastic contribution that each of our apprentices make to the teams they work with and the areas they work in across the UK.

Already this year our 60 apprentices have been improving green spaces and making trees safer from the Highlands of Scotland to the tip of Cornwall and everywhere in between.

During National Apprenticeship Week alone apprentices at Glendale Liverpool planted 21 trees and 650 hedge plants as part of a new allotment project in order to regenerate the city’s open spaces whilst gaining valuable experience.

Our apprentices are also making a statement about the continued significance of long-term investment into young people in an industry where the number of qualified personnel entering the sector is in decline.

Creating a positive working environment with a strong focus on teamwork and encouraging independence is crucial for motivating young people to take ownership of their role and work hard.  This is an essential part of every Glendale apprenticeship scheme.

Angus Fraser, grounds contract manager and A1 assessor for Glendale’s contract with Lewisham Council, comments: “Many of the apprentices on our schemes across the country feel they have been let down by the traditional education system and they often lack the level of enthusiasm you’d generally expect which is why it is vital to give our apprentices praise from day one.

“Positive feedback is essential for reinforcing the confidence of young people, empowering them and reassuring them they are making a valid contribution to the team, and the community.  All it takes is a word or two of praise to increase their motivation, performance and productivity.”

We are looking to build upon the good results we have seen since we introduced the apprenticeship scheme and continue to invest in young people, developing their skills on the job and shaping them into the next generation of green space management specialists.

Peter Cosgrove, general manager at Glendale Liverpool, adds: “Our young people who are training and working in the sector can be proud that they are doing something positive that not only benefits them but the rest of society.

“Whether they are getting their hands dirty, designing landscapes or developing sustainable business schemes, these young people are making a difference.”

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