Budding Talent: Ewen Mackie – Pick of the Bunch

11 months ago

Welcome to the August edition of our ‘Pick of the Bunch’ series, where we spotlight the people who truly make Glendale flourish. Today, we’re delighted to introduce Ewen Mackie, one of our diligent Senior Team Leaders in Scotland. Ewen’s vibrant journey, unwavering commitment to his role, and infectious enthusiasm for his work make him a key asset to the Glendale family.

Ewen initially joined Glendale looking for the perfect summer job whilst he was at university, after graduating, he stated he was “really pleased” to be offered a full-time position.

When asked about what he enjoys most about his job, Ewen gives a heartfelt response, “The positive difference that we make to people’s lives through the services we provide. Our professional skills and talents being visibly evident as completed jobs offer a visual stimulant.”

To Ewen, the commitment to hard work at Glendale is “very rewarding” and brings him “a great sense of pride,” What makes him happiest at work? “A grateful customer after working as a team to complete a task. Nothing tops working in the sunshine, however,” he shares.

Tracing back Ewen’s journey to becoming a Senior Team Leader, he revealed, “I progressed from operative to team leader, then onwards. Achieving this by dedicating myself to each role and always aiming to improve. Using my experiences at the company to help others develop and contribute to a successful operational team.” This inherent drive to consistently strive for self-improvement, paired with the commitment to leverage personal growth for the team’s success, cements Ewen’s position as an influential figure within Glendale. It’s a testament to his leadership prowess and indicative of a progressive mindset that Glendale wholeheartedly advocates for and rewards.

Asked if he always aspired to be a Senior Team Leader, Ewen responded, “I am an ambitious individual, so Senior Team Leader was a natural role for me to aim for. I always set targets and have my sights on the next thing to achieve, without looking too far ahead.”

It’s clear to see that Ewen’s skills have massively evolved since joining Glendale, something we aim for in every new recruit, whether they’re part-time, seasonal or starting an apprenticeship with us. He says, “My confidence and quality on the tools has improved significantly since I started. Being entrusted to use different machinery with professional training has allowed me to progress. Building a cohesive and efficient workforce is something I am trying to achieve operationally, thus, enjoying the people managing aspect of trying to get the best out of individuals for collective success.”

Glendale, according to Ewen, has played a crucial role in his career progression: “The company is very supportive of my ambitions to progress into the corporate side of the industry. Offering me training and responsibility.”

When asked about his proudest achievement, Ewen shares, “Being lead foreman at Edinburgh Castle is a privilege and something I am very proud of. The ropes work is always exciting.” But his journey hasn’t been without challenges, when asked about the biggest, he mentioned “retaining staff that are committed to their job role and applying themselves proactively.”

If you’re thinking about taking a similar path to Ewen, working your way up the ranks to become a Senior Team Leader, he shared his thoughts on the most important skill for his job role, “Being prepared to listen to operational staff’s varying situations and adapting appropriately. Being the bridge between management and operations through effective communication and organisation.”

Ewen concludes with an endorsement of his field of work, explaining why more people should consider it. “The industry offers lots of opportunities for rewarding work, where you can develop your own skills and work as part of a team,” he states, encapsulating the opportunities, growth, and camaraderie that a career at Glendale provides.

Ewen Mackie’s words paint a vivid picture of life at Glendale, showcasing how rewarding and fulfilling a career in this industry can be. His story exemplifies the ambition, dedication, and satisfaction that forms the heart of Glendale, making it the thriving company it is today.

Take a look at our careers page if you’re interested in creating a path for yourself in the green services sector and progressing within this industry – whether you’re an aspiring arborist or experienced gardener, we’ve got a ton of job roles all over the UK, just send us your CV and we’ll get back to you with any vacancies that suit you.

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