Arboriculture apprentices on course to branch out

Four green services apprentices are reaping the benefits of a brand new course designed to kick-start their careers in the arboriculture industry.

Lauren Worby, 36, Christer Danielsson, 37, Eben Carne, 25, and Jack Doyle, 19, have embarked upon a Level 2 Diploma in arboriculture, which has been developed by national services provider Glendale in partnership with Cornwall College.

The 12-month apprenticeship is a base level qualification for people who want to start a career in tree management and maintenance.

Julian Montague, general manager of Glendale’s contract with Western Power Distribution, was approached by Cornwall College to oversee the delivery of the course, with the aim of increasing the quality of training available in the industry.

Glendale’s contract with Western Power Distribution involves vegetation management, line clearance and utility arboriculture, which is a specialist skill.

Classroom and practical sessions have been delivered by Julian and Glendale arborist Gary Bailey, at the Horticultural Department at Duchy College’s Rosewarne Campus, a part of the Cornwall College group.

Students have been learning about chainsaw management and use, risk assessments and working safely around electricity, with individual modules covering pre-climb work, groundwork and climbing work.

Julian Montague, general manager at Glendale said: “The industry is always changing and it’s important for us to be at the forefront. Courses such as this are extremely valuable and provide the perfect stepping stone for those who want to develop a career in arboriculture.

We’re committed to providing ample opportunities to help not only our existing employees develop their careers but to help many more young people get a start in the industry and upskill the next generation of green services professionals.

I look forward to seeing the students develop and eventually kick-start their careers in the industry.”

Lauren Worby, arboriculture apprentice, said: “I chose to do this apprenticeship because I hoped it would give me a foundation of knowledge, and also because I love trees.

“I have been enjoying the practical side of the course, such as climbing and green woodworking, as well as the scientific aspects. I hope to keep progressing and gain even more knowledge and experience in arboriculture.”

Glendale employs six apprentices a year on its Western Power Distribution contract alone, as part of its membership of The 5% Club, a scheme designed to get the UK’s public and private sector companies to commit to having five per cent of its total workforce as apprentices, sponsored students or graduates within five years.

Anyone interested in the Level 2 Diploma in arboriculture can contact Julian Montague on 01566 772802 or email




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