An insight into arboriculture with Anthony Harper

We are joined by Glendale arborist Anthony Harper to talk about all things arboriculture in a short interview exploring what attracted him to the industry and the benefits of a career in arboriculture.

Anthony is employed as an arborist team leader with Glendale’s arboriculture team based in Waltham Abbey maintaining trees on behalf of Lee Valley Regional Park Authority.

What attracted you to arboriculture? 

“I have always enjoyed working outside and arboriculture combines this simple pleasure with problem-solving.  The job really pushes both your mental and physical boundaries which is really rewarding.”

What sort of things do you do?

“As one of the team leaders with the company, I am currently working on Glendale’s contract in Lee Valley which stretches from Ware all the way down to the Olympic site in Stratford.

“The work in the first part of the year consists of managing big timber in a short time scale in order to get the work done before the nesting season begins.  We have a very varied work programme throughout the rest of the year managing trees on a variety of sites from those on highways, to MOD sites situated to the North West of the M25.”

What are the benefits of the job?  Do you enjoy it?

“I think anyone within this trade enjoys the job!  The benefits of being an arborist with Glendale include working for a large company, the guarantee of consistent work, a good support system and a positive attitude toward spending money on the equipment we need to do the job well.”

What do you consider to be the impact of Glendale on local communities?

“It takes the right staff to make every cut count in this industry and in the last two years we have gone from strength to strength winning large contracts to improve trees for communities in the North West of London.”

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